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Contest objectives & Participants

The main objective of the contest is to find new concepts for the aeronautics sector. In addition we will also consider novel or attractive ideas which may lead us to incorporate them in our business.

What do we expect? Well, surprise us! Projects that excite us and make us see our business differently. We could even share the development of these projects with you. Everything is open. Any possibility may work. Shock and surprise us!

Any person, entity or institution can participate either individually or in a team. (Subject to full rules conditions.)


Category A - Techonological innovation

This category should include those projects providing technological innovations in machinery and equipment or in the components currently used in the construction and manufacture of hot air balloons.

  • Those components used for the flight, ground handling, storage ….
  • The envelopes, the baskets, the burners, the gas cylinders, the fans...
  • The review of the inflation and deflation process, the assembly, the transport...
  • The potential savings in the process of construction, the materials…
  • The duration of the materials or new alternative materials proposals based on a study.
  • The safety improvements.
  • Aerodynamics, ergonomics and aesthetic components.

Any other alternative ways of flying arising from the analysis of the components currently used for making balloons.

Category B – Ecology & balloons

As the title suggests we are concerned about ecology in aeronautics.

Which improvements to the following can be made regarding this issue?

Go ahead and propose!

Category C – Ultramagic & ballooning

Although we are balloon manufacturers our activities are very diverse throughout the year to promote the use of balloons. However, we are sure that there are still lots of unimaginable challenges out there.

Can a balloon over fly all the countries in the whole world? Any special record to break? (Guinness record maybe, not FIA records). Maybe a ballooning adventures television show? Improve our merchandising maybe? Can our brand image be better? Can a movie be made with a balloon as a main character? Think of something new.

We are looking for something what we do not imagine yet ... We want to be really amazed by your suggestions!


The total amount for the Contest awards is 52,000 Euros, divided in the following way:

A Main Prize for each category:

Category A Category B Category C Special Prize Finalists Prizes
10,000 Euros 10,000 Euros 10,000 Euros 10,000 Euros 1,000 Euros each


The official language of the competition will be English. English will be used for all communications between the participants and the organization.

The Jury will decide the prizes according to the following evaluation criteria:

  • Innovation and excellence of the project.
  • General interest and contribution to balloon activity and development.
  • Degree of maturity and level of development of the project.
  • Economical and technical viability of the project.
  • Any other criteria that the Jury may consider appropriate.

Declaration of interest

Those interested in participating in the contest may “declare an interest” before the final registration, in the competition website ( Once you have completed this process the organization will keep you informed with updated information. The organization will also remind you about the dates.


First phase: from April 1st to June 30th, reception of the projects.

July 7th - Nomination of the 15 finalists.

Second phase: from September 1st to October 30th.

November 24th - Awards ceremony!

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